We,the present day Bizzul's/Bijjul's are the 27th generation of direct descendents of king Bijjala Deva,who once ruled the whole of peninsular India (including Srilanka).For generations the family descendents and their historians had meticulously kept the records for the future generations to know their links from where they had actually belonged. This had made things little easier to put all the information in order,for the design of this web site.  


Our father Bijjula Rameshwar Reddy had narrated the long history of our recent forefathers which he had educated himself from the historians who were present with the family for generations keeping the records of our ancestors right from Bijjula Deva. History of Bijjula Deva and his ancestors is well accounted in the history books of our country "INDIA". During Bijjula's regime  a new city was formed by amalgamating by seven villages Gajkanahalli, Bajkanahalli, Chandankiri, Kyadgi, Khatarkiri and Kurankutti to form Bijjanhalli, which was later sanskritised to Vijaypura. (Centenary Souvenir, Bijapur Municipality 1854- 1954). They are inscription which says that Chalukyan Maha Mandaleshwera, who later disposed Chalukyas in Kalyani, i.e Kalchuri Bijjula was responsible for founding city of Bijapur (Bijjanhalli) in 10-11 Century and by late 13 Century the city as referred as Bijapur.

The descendents of king Bijjula Deva were not only great warriors but poets, publishers of books and very good administrators. We hope you would enjoy surfing our web site which would take you to the medieval times from where we have our lineage links.

This Website is Dedicated in memory of our Beloved Parents.

Bijjula Rameshwar Reddy And Bijjula Vimala Devi.

--  Anirudh Bizzul

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