About my( Anirudh Bizzul's) views on Ancient society and Present times. 


Being an entu of Ancient Indian history and its culture, it my hobby to Read, Interact, Collect, Research and Understand this incredible subject.


To my knowledge Hinduism is a way of life. It is not a religion at all. This is clearly stated in all the Vedas and Puranas.


That is the reason Hinduism is never imposed on any one and anyone can practice any faith any where in ancient India and which is even practiced today.


This being the reason Rulers/Nobles and the  General Public/ population never apposed rulers of different faith as most of the population in India is used to this type of culture from time immemorial unlike anywhere in the world as long as peace and rule prevails


One of the main reasons for caste system being abused and totally looked down by the Rulers (Invaders) in last 1000 years was to control the massive population by Divide and Rule Policy. The caste system was never abused in Ancient India. Everyone respected it. It was a wonderful society till the advent of invasions starting from 1000 AD which changed the complete scenario of this Great Indian Civilisation.


It is the only civilasation which shared power with all caste of people. like we had Brahmin kings, Kshatriya Kings, Vaisya Kings and Sudara Kings too. Please do not forget the Salve dynasy of Afgan ruling India for about 20 years. 


This couls be the only reason, why this civilasation never died, like any other ancient civilasation across the Globe.


Our Complete Indian Diaspora is inter linked to one and another that it can never where get wiped out. For example we see what's happening around us like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Burma, Malaysia, etc. where Indian Civilasation roots are very much there today, even after majority people do not follow Indian faith (Hindu) but follow the Indian way of Life. Even countries like China, Japan and some parts of Russia too follow the Indian way of life through Buddhism. Now even Americas too think our way of life in ancient India was near perfect way of life after 1000 years of European Industrialisation.


The Kalachuri history's pdf on www.bizzula.com home page. this will give you a brief history of how our Indian civilasation evolved and Religions thereafter.


To conclude - I certainly believe that people talk of caste only when there are elections. Otherwise it is non existing in most parts of this country, only politicians are the one who bank on caste, creed and Religion. No one other do. If you are Wealthy, i.e. not only money but intelligent, smart and worldly, we Indians accept them whole heartily. For example there are more than a million marriages every year that take place which is not based on caste, creed and religion. We never talk about it  as this has been a way of life for an every Indian. Now and ever only difference in every civilasation is Haves and Havenots and those in Power and Not in Power irrespective of caste, creed and religion.


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