Haihayas King Succeeded by son Arjuna.
Arjuna Kingdom - Narmada To Himalayas .Conquered Kari Killed Jamadagni (Prince Of Ayodhya) Was Killed by Rama  (son of Jamadagni)
Great Grand Son of Arjuna defeated Ayodhya king his son Sagara fought and defeated Haihayas
Sagara king  of Ayodhya
Bhageeratha  Great grand son of Sagara
Kalmashapada 2nd  Generation after Bhageeratha
Dilipa - II 7th  Generation after Kalmashapada
Raghu Son of Dilipa - II
Aja Son of Raghu
Dasaratha son of Aja
Rama  of Ramayana Epic
Kalachuri (Haihayas) Era starting from 249 or 250 AD known as Kalachuri Era
Krishnaraja Belonged to 6th century AD .Ruled  powerful kingdom of Gujarat,North Maharastra, Malwa
Samkaragana Son of Krishnaraja
Buddharaja Chalukya King Defeated him,survived with two daughters
Vikramaditya II Son-in-law of Buddharaja,In 8th century AD ruled Eastern Malwa and neighbouring Regions.

The Next generation spilled into different branches.









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