Someswara is credited with many victories including those against the Cholas, Gangas and Chaulukyas.During his reign Veera Siviasm flourished in full glory and grandeur, giving it’s eight-fold path to eradicate the miseries of it ‘s followers in particular and people in general. The Epic called BASAVAPURANAM was written during this period. This philosophy attracted the masses, who accepted it with open arms and thus the capital city of Bijjula, Kalyani became the nerve center of Veera sivaism.


Someswara died in 1177 AD and his brother Sankana who succeeded him conquered many counties from Bengal to Ceylon. During this period there was lot of confusion about the Imperial Religion and the conflict again broke between Siviates, Jains and Vishanavites, supported by the Commander-in-chief of Army.


Ahavamalla succeeded Sankana in 1180 AD. He was great devotee of Lord SIVA. He gave all the taxes collected from Tumbala, Gogguru and Alampur Provenances in present day Mahabubnagar and Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh,India) to the presiding Deity of Srisalum i.e. Mallikarjuna Swamy Devasthanam (Endowment Trust) i.e. Lord Siva. The inscription to this effect is in Sanskrit and earliest Telugu at Srisalum temple. Alampur was called Brahmapuri, which was a very important educational center called Brahamapuri Vidhyapeetam. This center received rewards, grants and gifts from various subsequent kings, queens and Emperors. The famous pundits from this center are Trilochanamuninadha and Ekantadesakadi.Details about this are available in English and Telugu books sold by the Srisalum Devasthanam Board at Srisalum Temple. He subsequently lost large portion of Deccan to Chalukya King Taila-III ' s Son Someswara IV.


Ahavamalla still continued to rule small principality and was succeeded by younger brother Singhana in 1183 AD, who later submitted to Chalukyas as his general Barmideva or Brahma deserted and went over to the service of Someswara IV, thus putting an end to Kalachuri power in 1190 AD. After 1190AD,the Empire of Kalayani split into three parts, namely the kingdom of Devagiri founded by Yadavas, the Kingdom of Warangal, governed by Kakatiyas and the Kingdom of Dorasamudra ruled by the Hoysalas.


Dadhi Reddi- The Ruler of Raichur,Alampur & Amangal.


Bijjala's sons i.e., Someswara and his brothers , who ruled the Deccan Plateau from 1168 AD to 1183 AD lost the kingdom to the Chalukyas in 1183 AD. His descendents were ruling small principalities between River Krishna and Tungabadra for over 300 years (1185 AD to 1500 Ad) . That was the time when various Muslim rulers were gaining territories all over the South India (Deccan). Their Descendent (great......grand son) Dadhi who was the Commander in chief of Bijapur army defeated Vijayanagar Emperor's army and captured Raichur fort (1516 AD) and its surrounding areas as Krishna Deva Raya's armies were busy with Orissa campaign, and thus winning the whole of Gajapathi's territory.

The Nawab of Bijapur was pleased with his expedition and told him that he would give him all the area that he covers from sunrise to sunset in any given day and was also awarded a title called "REDDI". Dadhi Reddi set off at Raichur fort in the morning just before the sunrise and covered area of Raichur, Amangal and Alampur and reached the village of Panyagrahi (Now Pallepad) before sunset on the same day. As promised Bijapur Nawab had given three taluks with Raichur as head quarters. Thus, Dadhi Reddi had become an absolute owner of men, material and land of the three taluks. He was always at the

 Service of the Bijapur rulers whenever they needed his services. Krishna Deva Raya lead an army of about one million men and five hundred elephants and pitched his camp to the east of Raichur and began the seize of the Raichur fortress. Bijapur Nawab came with relief of strong contingents of cavalry and Krishna Deva Raya won a decisive battle and the fort was captured after a very long seize with the help of a Portuguese commander. He died fighting in war at Raichur fort around 1520 AD, which is inscribed in the fort rampant. 



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